I had a dream, rather a nightmare actually. I saw myself standing in the terrace of my home when i saw a few choppers fly by they flew low and i could clearly see men carrying weapons. I stare at them wondering “what’s going on?” i had no clue but, though the scene was unusual i somehow resorted to believe that it was nothing but a drill or some kind of show or may be a celebration as I thought I herd cheers but, for what? not a clue. So, i decided to get back in right when i saw…

I saw men jumping out of the choppers surrounding the area asking everyone on the streets to run back in. Still i did not understand or make sens of any of that what was going on. Then i saw a little girl playing on the street and her father wrapping himself around protecting her while he got shot from the back.

At that moment all i felt was a furious rage all I wanted to do was to run at them on a rampage. But, something heavy dragging me back I tried to force away kicking and screaming but of no use. I finally gave in when i saw the doors close I turned and saw the people who are dear to me they just looked at me not speaking a word and I did the same.

We sat there looking at each other saying “We are here for each other and we will be” without a word atleast thats how it felt for me. Then we hear a break and there stands the end with a gun aimed at our faces. I felt the burning rage again I wanted to fight but, once again i felt the weight this time pushing me behind. I couldn't comprehend anything that happened. All i saw was my dear one’s pushing me back and stepping up before me. Moment froze and i saw every single eye. A million questions What? Why?

Then i woke up sat with tears. What could you give for those who would give their lives for you? We all deserve love but how much?

The things we humans do for love and hate. We would go to any extreme and we always take them too far. How often have we asked for reality to be a dream and a dream to be reality and the universe makes them happen sometimes just the wrong ones. I know its just a nightmare but it felt real like all nightmares do even those we experience when we are awake.